¨Exporters and carriers in 8 months will say “let the client know, we will get there anyhow”

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A phrase that will be constantly heard from February 9th, 2017 is going to be- “tell the client to wait for us, we will get there no matter what, tell them we had a “little problem”.

The Fast and Express lanes are the result of the collective work between the governments of Mexico and the United States, which allow the import and export certified companies to make a faster border crossing and with a smaller number of inspections.

For the certified companies, the FAST lanes are a substantial benefit because the shipments are considered low-risk, which reduces the times in Customs and the percentages in the number of inspections, therefore, the time of its journey when skipping large rows is lower and generates greater crossings a day.

The FAST lane currently can only be used under the duly compliance of 3 requirements;

  • Certified Manufacturing Company
  • Certified Freight Company
  • Carrier operator with FAST credential

The movement of the goods of a manufacturing Company member of the program must be made by a C-TPAT certified freight Company and the operator must have its commercial FAST operator credential to move the goods.

This last May 9th, the new foreign trade rules were published, which took effect on June 20th of this year, repealing the rules 3.8.1. and 3.8.15. relating to NEEC and certified Commercial Partner, respectively, chapter 7 is added for certified companies and certified commercial partner, where the railway carriers, industrial parks, fiscal precincts, and package delivery companies within the Authorized Economic Operator scheme.

 Regarding the use of the exclusive FAST lane, in the publication of the General Rules of Foreign Trade twentieth second paragraph, establishes the following in regards to the freight companies.

The freight companies that up to the date of the publication of this Resolution, do not have the certification as Certified Commercial Partner, referred in the rule 3.8.14., first paragraph, section I, existing at the time of publication of this resolution, could keep using the exclusive “FAST” lanes, for a period of 10 months, starting from the time of publication of this Resolution and even for the period in which your application of Registration in the Companies´ Certification Scheme is answered, as long as such application is submitted within the indicated 10 months.

With the entry into force of the new rules of foreign trade, the companies that are not under the two security schemes, C-TPAT and Authorized Economic Operator, and/or in the case of freight companies, under the modality of Certified Commercial Partner, have each time less months to keep using the benefit of this lane.

The solution to maintaining the service and delivery quality for these companies will be to dispose of human resources and materials to obtain this commercial partner certification, a process that should be made with the Tax Administration Service.

The Director Daniella Martinez Rodriguez and the Leader Anahi Peralta Pérez of the Certifications Division NEEC/(OEA)/CTPAT of TLC Asociados, recommend that in case of searching for advisors identify if they have the experience in logistics, customs operation, process development, risk analysis, and customs security, preferably that they are certified as leader auditors in ISO28000, and of course, that in case they propose delivering already made drafts of procedures, then you´d better look for another option, since each logistic operation even when it is the same sector had different vulnerabilities, it is not just a box, trailer, tires, gasoline, and oil, in these schemes a mistake makes your company, the prestige, and the confidence before the authorities vulnerable.


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